Our Promise

Life is Short,

Drink Good Beer!

Our brewmaster Shane Steeves started brewing canned extract beer kits back in University. At that time there were no all grain options available to home brewers in the area. He started brewing his own beer back then as it was much cheaper, although the final product left a lot to be desired. He then discovered pre-made kits like Brew House, which were a significant step up from the canned kits. While the quality of the beer was much better than the canned extract kits, Shane found it was difficult to design a beer to his taste.

After many years of brewing canned extract and Brew House kits, Shane’s cousin introduced him to all grain brewing. He instantly became hooked and hasn’t looked back since. Over the last several years, he has become extremely passionate about brewing craft ales, and considers himself to be a very adventurous brewer.

Shane’s emphasis has always been on producing beers with the freshest ingredients possible and using local wherever he can:

“I use as many local ingredients as possible and I grow eight different varieties of hops at my brewery. I also use 100% real fruit when brewing my fruit beers, opposed to fruit extract which just doesn’t give fruit beers the same character. I’m a very passionate brewer and take a huge amount of pride in the beers that I make, and I believe that my passion for brewing shines through in the final product.“